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Some of the links on this website are what is known as affiliate links.

These links will take you to a product or service (such as a telescope or piece of astronomy software) which you are then able to buy.

If you do buy the product after following a click on one of my affiliate links, I will receive a commission. This is often very small (e.g. 4% on and has no impact on the price you pay for the product or service. It is the seller of the product or service pays the commission.

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I use these commissions to contribute towards the cost of running this site (at the time of writing, I make a loss on this site through the cost of images, marketing, hosting, etc) but it is my hope an aim that commissions will ultimately allow me to make a side income from this blog.

You can keep track of any income and expenses, as well as all the products I use to make this blog by clicking on 'how I build this website' in the footer.

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Finally, if you do buy anything as a result of clicking on an affiliate link, I would like to extend my huge thanks to you.