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Author: Adam Kirk

Hi, I'm Adam, the astronomer owner of Love the Night Sky. I've been pointing my telescope at the stars for almost forty years and love sharing what I've learned.

My astronomy journey began when I got my first telescope as a young boy. It wasn't a great thing, just a cheap 'Tasco' model with a flimsy mount and poor eyepieces, but I still remember the first time I pointed it at the moon. Seeing the detail and the shadows in the craters blew my mind, and it still fills me with awe today.

It wasn't too long before I pointed my scope at Saturn - mind blown once again - and then Jupiter and the trickier planets. Sadly, life got in the way of my astronomy for a few years. University, marriage, work and wonderful children were all good excuses to not get outside at night. And then, I decided it was time to own another telescope. This time it was still a small one, but it was a 'proper' one and I was hooked once more. I joined my local astronomy club and, in my frustration at the lack of information online for new astronomers, launched Love the Night Sky. Here we are, almost a decade and 300 pages of content later, and over 1,000 people visit every day. There are hundreds of members of the Virtual Astronomy Club, and I send a weekly email to over 13,000 subscribers. And I still personally answer emails every week. If you have any astronomy questions you think I can help with, reach out to me at [email protected] and I'll be pleased to hear from you. Clear skies!