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Author: Mark Kilner

Mark Kilner is an author, amateur astronomer and wildlife photographer. He has been fascinated with all things astronomical since he was a kid and started out (as did so many others) with a cheap-and-cheerful 60mm refractor on a wobbly tripod, equipped with the ubiquitous “drinking straw” eyepieces. Fortunately, this didn’t put him off and he went on to study Physics and Astronomy at university. These days he does his observing with a 10-inch Dobsonian reflector from his garden in southeast England. His latest observations can be found on his deep-sky log, which also includes notes on all the Messier Objects as seen from 51.5 degrees north. Mark also dabbles in astrophotography, the results of which (along with all his wildlife photography) can be found on his Flickr page.