Best Telescope

At Love the Night Sky, we think making recommendations for the best telescopes is important. Our 'best telescope' pages are split by year, price and function.

Best Telescopes of 2017
Choosing the best telescope for astronomy is the most important challenge facing us backyard astronomers. Out comprehensive 2017 guide to the best telescopes will help make the perfect choice.
How Much Does a Good Telescope Cost?
It's almost impossible to work out what you should pay for a good telescope. To help out, we've done the research and these are the results...
5 Best Telescopes for Kids
Buying a telescope for children needs thinking about differently from buying our own. In this simple guide, we share what you need to think about and our view of the best five telescopes for kids.
Best Telescope Under $1000 – Reviewed
If you have $1000 to spend on a telescope, there are some wonderful models to choose from. Our review will help you make the right choice.