How to Read a Star Chart

how to read a star chart featured image

Star maps are an essential tool for backyard astronomers to find their way around the heavens. Our simple guide cuts through star chart confusion.

The Best Meteor Showers of 2020

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2020 is yet another year for meteor showers to grace our night skies. Simple though they are, these dust trails exhibit some of the most beautiful meteor showers on this … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Get Dark After Sunset?

How quickly does it get dark after sunset?

One of the most common questions new astronomers ask is ‘how long will it take to get dark after sunset?’ This short article sets out a comprehensive answer, and it has more to do with where you live than you might think…

How to See Mars Through a Telescope

The red planet Mars is an iconic target for backyard astronomers. Our simple guide will help you find and observe its best features with your telescope.