From Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th June 2019, Mars and Mercury will appear in the evening dusk within a degree of each other.

Viewers with good visibility to the horizon will see them within the same wide-field eyepiece view.

This first image shows you where to look for them on the evening on Tuesday 18th June, 45 minutes after sunset. You can see them about 10° above the horizon between west and midwest horizons.

Click image for full screen version

Stars are shown to magnitude 5.0 in the picture above, but the skyglow from the setting sun may well mean you don’t see them all.

This second image gives you a sense of what to see within a 1° diameter field of view (blue ring). The sky will be brighter than this, but the glow of dusk has been removed to make the image clearer.

The blue ring represents a 1° field of view. Click for larger image.

Both images are from Sky Safari 6.

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