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We’re passionate about astronomy, and so are all of our contributors.

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Amateur Astrophotography Magazine:

Adam Kirk

Adam is the amateur astronomer who created Love the Night Sky
Cloudy Nights Astrophotography

Sharmila Kuthuner

Passionate journalist who loves writing about stars and planets
AstroBin  Home of astrophotography

Tanya C. Forde

Earth scientist with dark skies overhead and an expert in the constellations
The Deep Sky Imaging Primer (2nd Ed.):

Dr. Alan Strauss

Director of public outreach at Mt. Lemmon Sky Center and a DSO expert
The Deep Sky Imaging Primer (2nd Ed.):

Mark Kilner

An expert observer of all Messier objects visible from 51.5° north in a 10″ Dob
The Deep Sky Imaging Primer (2nd Ed.):

Adish War

He loves all things astronomy and is author of several helpful articles on our site

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