Our Contributors

We’re passionate about astronomy, and so are all of our contributors. Each of the links below will take you to a bio page for our writers so you can learn a bit more about each of us.

Adam Kirk – The amateur astronomer who created Love the Night Sky

Sharmila Kuthuner – Passionate journalist who loves writing about stars and planets

Tanya C Forde, writer for Love the Night Sky

Tanya C. Forde – Earth scientist with dark skies overhead and an expert in the constellations

Dr. Alan Strauss

Dr. Alan Strauss – Director of public outreach at Mt. Lemmon Sky Center and a DSO expert

Mark Kilner bio picture

Mark Kilner – An expert observer of all Messier objects visible from 51.5° north in a 10″ Dob

Adishwar author

Adish War – He loves all things astronomy and is author of several helpful articles on our website